Thursday, May 15, 2008

Homemade Coffee Chocolate Sodas Recipe

When you want an afternoon pick-me-up, I have been treating myself to this slight take off of a NY Egg Cream - I love my coffee, and heck love the chocolate as well, why not bring them together in a frothy concoction?


  • Left over coffee from the morning (I happen to make just grounded hazelnut coffee) - so choose your fave coffee - just let it get cold.
  • chocolate syrup - 2 second or more lasting 'squirts'
  • freshly opened seltzer
  • cold skim milk
  • super big glass
  • ice
  • tall spoon to stir

  1. In tall glass, add coffee, splash of milk, your squirts of chocolate and stir till well combined. Add any sugar or substitute if you like that.
  2. Add remaining 1/3 at least of plain seltzer and stir to help create the 'egg cream' froth.
  3. Add ice and drink up!
  4. SEE BELOW for alterations - ideas are endless - make up your own!
  5. (Now for a more adult and/or later in the night naughty)
  6. ***add vodka to the mix prior to adding the seltzer.
  7. ***Put in blender and create a frozen smoothie of your very own - who needs dunkin doughnuts? - Use cream for a similar version and taste to theirs.
  8. ***Add banana and a plain yogurt without the seltzer for a different wake up drink - and blend it up on your blender.

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