Monday, February 25, 2008

The ABCs of Scallions - Health Cures - Yet Another Reason To Eat Your Veggies

Scallions - it turns out have been used for centuries in cooking and in healing what may ail you. We may call them green onions here at home, but scallions are a very important and affordable green to use in your daily cooking.

We all know that the taste of scallions are bright and crisp, but they are also milder than the onion yet stronger than their nearby cousins chives, which I thought were baby scallions. Well I was wrong...I also found out that scallions have large amounts of vitamins.

Specifically, the green parts of the scallions contain vitamin A while the white part of the scallions contain both vitamins B and C. Hence the reason for this article's title: The ABC's of Scallions.

So now that you know they contain vitamins, which we all need to flourish - how can they cure what ails you? Well I have found several Chinese techniques which have been used for over 2000 years...also a short note, scallions it was discovered, due to their large use in Chinese cooking help explain the low evidence of colon cancer in China due mainly part to the allyl sulfur compounds and bio-flavonoids found in scallions which are part of the allium family - which includes garlic and your onions and leeks. If you are curious check out this article: Onions, Garlic and Scallions Add Big Flavor and Health Benefits at Ask Tony Isaacs: Featuring Luella May

But here are some interesting cures you might like to try. Now remember, nothing compares to going to your doctor when you are in need, but some of these might help you visit your doctor a little less. It is important to note that the Chinese when using these 'curing methods', use the white part of the scallion to help bring out the principal medicine found in the scallions.

Scallions stimulates sweat, aids in urination, calms the nerves and helps in expelling sputum. Who knew?!?

  • For the Common Cold: Simmer 10 white stalks of scallion, 15g preserved black beans, 5 slices of ginger and 3 bowls of water until it reduces to 1 bowl. Cover the
    patient with comforter after taking the soup. The patient would have
    major sweating. The fever and cold would be cured.
  • For Sinus Blockage and itchy throat that might lead to coughing: Make
    noodles with ginger, scallion and sprinkle ground white pepper on top.
    Serve hot. This is effective for inflammation in sinus or trachea.

Eat to Cure and Prevent Illness: It is suggested that you eat at least 2 teaspoons of scallions a day (preferred raw of course) - add them to your soups, salads, garnish them on anything - and you will notice that within a few days that you feel better than you have been in awhile. Make sure you rinse them very well before you cut and dice them up in your cooking - that's imperative!

If you would like to check out a variety of recipe that call for scallions here are some interesting Chinese dishes that contain scallions, click here:

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OK, so there's a few recipes for you.... so go out there and get yourself some of these affordable and ever so healthy scallions to help spice up your health!

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